The VESTA® NEXT Portfolio

"The traditional 9-1-1 system purchase was a transaction. But now, as we move to NG9-1-1, it is an ongoing implementation – a long-term project. This means, among many things, that the strength of the relationship between PSAP and technology partner and the process of implementation, collaboration and cooperation are the determining factors between success and failure."

-Bob Finney
Director, Communications
Collier County Sheriff's Office
Naples, FL

Before NG9-1-1, choosing a 9-1-1 system was a one-time static selection and capital outlay. Now – in the world of Next Generation – 9-1-1 Authorities are faced with a new challenge. They need Public Safety communications technology that isn’t static, but can adapt to multiple changes and for many years to come.

This new paradigm begs the question – Who is the technology partner you can count on to guide you through what will be substantial changes in systems, architecture, infrastructure, policy and procedures?

That technology partner is Airbus DS Communications.

At the home of VESTA®, our goal is to make your NG9-1-1 migration as easy and straightforward as possible, given all the moving pieces and the questions still unanswered. To do that, we are proud to introduce the VESTA® NEXT Portfolio.

What is the VESTA® NEXT Portfolio?

A comprehensive suite of NG9-1-1 solutions offered As-a-Service to assist Public Safety agencies in realizing the goal of NG9-1-1 - for PSAPs and jurisdictions to connect and use shared data in a secure, reliable environment to save more lives.

The Benefits of the VESTA® NEXT Portfolio

The VESTA NEXT portfolio delivers the NG9-1-1 elements 9-1-1 Authorities need – under tariffed, monthly-recurring charges – to result in three big benefits.

To learn more about how you can experience a new level of transparency, flexibility and control during this uncertain time of NG9-1-1, download our PDF. You’ll quickly see the benefit of gaining a long-term technology partner excited about the opportunity to listen, collaborate and plan with you.

Download PDF for more information.

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