We Design with AN OPEN MIND


The customers we serve at Airbus DS Communications span dozens of countries and countless industries. To us, they're not defined by their geographic boundaries or lines of business, but rather the goal we all share - the need to keep all our communities safe. This is why our three promises remain front and center while our team works to ensure our own communities - our customers - have the tools they need to fulfill this critical mission.

We are proud to support hundreds of global organizations in their efforts to keep their corporate communities safe. Our customers hail from various trades, including finance, insurance, healthcare, utilities, transportation, manufacturing and more - all who trust our emergency notification solutions both in an emergency and every day. Many of them have for almost 30 years.

In a crisis, these corporate communities count on our powerful hosted and on-site notification systems to be operationally resilient and more importantly, to ensure human continuity. They also rely on the technology daily to share non-critical information with employees, customers, stakeholders and others. Let us show you how our VESTA® solutions can keep your community safe and people connected when it matters most.

Let us show you why your CRITICAL MATTERS® at Airbus DS Communications.