Meet the Team

MATTERS™ newsletter, we profile one or more members of the Cassidian Communications team. In this issue, meet Linda McSweeney.

Linda McSweeney, customer care manager, Land Mobile Radio & LTE

Located in our Richardson, Texas office, Linda McSweeney is the customer care manager for Cassidian Communications’ Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and LTE business unit. When asked to explain her responsibilities, she described her role as the "go to person" for any questions, issues and updates customers have once their CORP25 system goes live and is accepted. “It’s my job to make everything go as smoothly as possible for our clients.”

“Our customers have very important jobs in an extremely critical industry. What they do is vital to their community. That’s why I take my job very seriously and I truly care about the work they do.”

Even though Linda has only been with Cassidian Communications for a year, radio is in her blood. “I’ve been around radio and wireless communications since I was young. My parents worked in the industry and I’ve dedicated my entire 22-year career to working with LMR customers in Federal, state, local and international government.”

One very interesting story from Linda’s past involved her daily commute. “We had a customer who was in a very remote area. It was quite cold and the tower sites had no access other than by air so we had to fly in each day for work,” she explained. “On a couple of occasions, the helicopter couldn’t land on the mountaintop because of high wind. All we could do was jump out of the chopper and into the snow.”

“That was probably my most exciting commute – getting to go to work in a helicopter and then bailing out to start the work day,” said Linda. “It was much more fun than driving through the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and probably safer too.”

Given this experience, it’s easy to believe Linda when she says, “When I meet customers for the first time I always say that as far as I am concerned we are in this together and I am here to take care of whatever issues they have. Many times the response I get is – ‘OK, that sounds great, but now you have to prove it’. I say, ‘Bring it on’. I consider gaining a customer’s trust a personal challenge and a wonderful achievement. I am very happy to call many of my customers over the years as my colleagues and friends.”

Linda says the best part of her job is when she can help customers get an issue taken care of quickly. “When we can fix something together, it makes me feel like I am giving a little back to the people who risk their lives for the rest us to be safe.”

When Linda isn’t supporting Cassidian Communications’ LMR and LTE customers, she loves spending time with her family. She especially enjoys hiking in the mountains, even the remote and snowy ones.