Meet the Team

We want you to get to know us better. So, in every issue of our CRITICAL MATTERS™ newsletter, we will profile one or more members of the Cassidian Communications team. In this issue, you will meet Jason Wellonen and Marc Chénier, all of whom work in product development, which is led by Jeroen de Witte, our chief technology officer and vice president, research and development.

Critical matters to Jason Wellonen, who has been with Cassidian Communications for 13 years. As a senior architect for our next generation call processing platforms, he is responsible for ensuring all new products work together seamlessly so customers have integrated solutions, not disparate systems or services.

Jason says what's most important to him about the work he does is building software and solutions that help people save lives.

"When we are engineering new products, there is a lot of conceptualizing, drawing diagrams, specifying how things will work. There is also writing the code and testing. My favorite part is when everything comes together and you actually see what was originally envisioned. It's even better when it turns out to be more than you actually intended."

Jason Wellonen

Jason believes that what Cassidian Communications is doing today is representative of a very different mindset than where we were ten years ago. "A paradigm shift in the mission-critical communications industry has caused us to step back and really take a look at how we meet our customers' needs for Next Gen 9-1-1. It is very exciting to be involved in learning and working with new technologies, and continuing to help people save lives using our systems."

Some of you may have met Jason at APCO's 78th Annual Conference & Expo in August 2012, where he gave demonstrations of our exciting NG9-1-1 solutions. When asked about his experience there, Jason said, "It was very rewarding for me to see just how positive and eager our customers really are about the new products we are building and the direction we are taking.

"When customers give you a 'thumbs up,' you know the company is doing good things and moving in the right direction."

Jason says he wants customers to know that Cassidian Communications' research and development team is working very hard to live up to our customers' expectations and stay on top as the industry leader. "We want our next generation products to be the best we have ever done."

When not at work, Jason is a family guy, who is very involved with his seven-year-old son and six-year-old daughter. Together, they enjoy spending time outdoors and camping. "After family time," he says, "I like to investigate new technologies and keep my skill set current."

We are also pleased to introduce you to Marc Chénier, a software developer for Cassidian Communications for the last 12 years.

Marc, who was born in Canada and works in our Gatineau, Quebec, facility, is solely focused on our next-generation 9-1-1 call processing solutions. He says the knowledge he has gained to help people is what makes the difference to him.

"I enjoy teaching and explaining and working in teams," explains Marc. "Being able to help my teammates understand how to improve the functionality for the call takers is important to me and a big part of what I love to do."

Marc Chénier

Marc believes the usability and flexibility of the company's new solutions come from knowing intimately what is critical to them, and that only comes from listening and responding.

"I am proud that Cassidian Communications is on the leading edge. We have a vision for the future and we know how we will evolve and continue to be leading edge for our customers."

We put in long hours, but it is time well spent," says Marc. For us, this dedication pays off each time a life is saved when calling 9-1-1."

"I just want to thank everyone who is working on our new platform with me because it is everyone's hard work that is making this product a great success."

In his spare time, when he's not developing software and teaching and helping his teammates, Marc loves doing outdoors activities with his family, especially alpine skiing, snowshoeing, biking and camping.