Meet the Team

Attention to detail is what makes the difference in so many situations but especially when it comes to putting on award winning tradeshows and supporting the marketing efforts at the home of VESTA®. Meet Alicia Caddy and Wanda Roe whose attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Alicia Caddy

The year was 2006, and our company was preparing to welcome rock stars to its annual NENA party. This included members of the 80s and 90s metal band Warrant, who would provide our entertainment for the night. But the real celebrities were the hundreds of Public Safety officials and Calltakers – our customers, who donned costumes ranging from “Madonna to Billy Idol to Britney Spears” to go with the evening’s theme.

Though our team members were also dressed as rock stars, the moment our guests converged on the red carpet of the Hard Rock Café Pittsburgh, we were simply their fans. We showed them love with signs that read “Dispatchers Rock!” and “I Love Cops," while 'paparazzi' captured photos of this incredible time.

For our Event Manager, Alicia Caddy, “This night was the funnest; it was the best. We had four staff members dressed as KISS. Our customers actually thought KISS was there! They loved it.” While this event may be the accomplishment that stands out most for Alicia over her 15+ years with our company, we can assure you we remember her for much more.

If you’ve ever stopped by our booth at any conference, you’ve seen Alicia's work. “I support our account managers by handling our participation in trade shows and conferences and coordinating the sponsorships we provide in support of the Public Safety community. I manage all the minutiae, from registration to shipping, so that they can stay focused on our customers.” But don’t let her fool you.

Alicia doesn’t just get us to the shows; she influences every aspect of our appearance. All of the details – from what you see on and in our booth, to what our team is wearing, to the prizes and swag we hand out, she provides direction while overseeing everything. Her favorite part? Being creative. It doesn’t matter if it’s for decisions related to the annual NENA party or national conferences or in simply ordering coffee mugs or shirts. “Being able to get creative is what drives me every day. Using those skills to make our customers happy is my goal.”

Alicia takes such great pride in her company and her role; she’s quick to point out that she serves others beyond our end user customers. She’s responsible for the satisfaction of her co-workers, too. And it’s one reason she loves working at Airbus DS Communications. “I’m proud to represent this company and our leadership and to do work that makes us look good – work that makes our customers happy. At the end of the day, if I’ve done that, I’ve done my piece of the puzzle. It’s all come full circle for me.”

Something else that’s continuous is her passion for the Public Safety community. Alicia got her start with the industry and our company in 2000, after years of hearing her husband talk about its worthwhile work. She says, “I didn’t pick Public Safety; it picked me. Now, it will never let go of me, but there’s no place I’d rather be.” This is why she also fulfills her passion for it outside our company walls.

Alicia is a member of NENA and APCO. Additionally, she’s in her “sixth year of serving as Commercial Vice President for the California NENA (CalNENA) Executive Board.” In this position, she represents all of the commercial vendors, enabling any company that wants to support the CalNENA mission and exhibit at its events to do so, while ensuring their equal representation.

She also believes in equal representation at home, where Alicia and her husband Eric are a house divided in their love for football. "He's a Washington Redskins fan, so I'm glad I picked the Houston Texans and not the Dallas Cowboys. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have married me!" They’ve now been married for 25 years and recently celebrated this milestone with 10 all-inclusive days in Cancun, Mexico, which Alicia pointed out was "adults only." After raising three kids, she's enjoying her days as an "empty nester" by reading her favorite genre, "historical fiction." She and Eric, who too still serves the Public Safety community, are taking the opportunity to travel together to various conferences as opportunity allows. And travel is something Alicia hopes to do more of. "A dream is to go to Ireland and visit its castles. A castle and pub tour sound amazing."

We know one day Alicia will fulfill her dream. This is because everything she's imagined for our exhibits, parties, our people and our customers has become reality. And we are grateful every day to have her on our team. Thank you, Alicia, for all that you do!

Wanda Roe

The opening game of the Texas Rangers baseball season is one event Wanda Roe, Product Marketing Manager for Airbus DS Communications would not miss. Whether cheering for the home team or the home of VESTA®, Wanda’s energy and enthusiasm is hard to miss.

If you have ever seen a home of VESTA® power point presentation, or a piece of VESTA collateral or have attended one of our webinars, then you have experienced the work of Wanda and her special touch. We call it the Wanda wand! Like Alicia, attention to detail is part of her signature.

At the home of VESTA®, Wanda is the one who drives the creation of our customer-facing product marketing content. She is the one who makes us look great. And she does it with class and humor and a win-win attitude.

“What I love about marketing is that every day is a new day with new challenges. We are really lucky in the Marketing Department because we get to work with all departments which means we get to support everyone.”

For Wanda, having the opportunity to influence the VESTA brand is extremely meaningful. “I take what I do very seriously. How we present our products and services to the world affects our brand. It’s critical that our outward facing image is professional.”

Since joining the marketing department three years ago, and Airbus DS Communications five years ago, Wanda has built, refined and reworked hundreds of presentations. “One of the ways we are able to drive consistency of our brand is through our templates. Everyone in the company knows where they can go to get the hundreds of materials we have developed. We make sure our teams have ready access to what they need.”

With an MBA in Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas, Wanda says marketing and sales support have been her focus and the work she does now is about as good as it gets.

The home of VESTA® is a great place to work. What we do helps save lives; that is paramount and I never forget it. My favorite part is the people. I get to work with some of the best people – smart and committed. We are here to help one another achieve our goals. My job is to help make us better every day.”

In addition to being super excited on the opening day of the Texas Ranger baseball season, Wanda is also super stoked that her daughter is expecting twins which will make 3 grandchildren. If that’s not enough - baseball and grandkids - Wanda also loves to play poker and walk her two dogs.

We are grateful to have Wanda on our team. Thank you, Wanda, for all you do! Thanks for always cheering for our home team.