A Message from the CEO

Dear Customers, Channel Partners, Technology Partners and Colleagues,

There are so many great things happening at the home of VESTA to help you save more lives, and I am excited to give you the highlights on the eve of NENA 2016.

Let’s start with Next Generation. Many of you have expressed uncertainty about what is coming as well as your need for a technology provider that will make sure you know what needs to be in place now and what to expect in the future. As we always strive to do, we have listened.

To start, we have already delivered the first core component for Next Generation with the VESTA® 9-1-1 call handling solution. Over 9,000 PSAP positions have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, this system. We couldn’t be more proud about the results and look forward to many more PSAPs taking this first vital step.

It’s now time we look to the next core component – routing. In the coming months, we will launch the VESTA™ Router solution. If you don’t know, routing is not new to us. We have been successfully providing PSAPs with 9-1-1 call routing for over two decades and are applying our expertise to this new platform.

Therefore, you can expect us to deliver the best technology as well as the planning and deployment expertise your PSAP needs in order to take this critical step into the future. Our guidance will enable you to reach full geospatial routing in a timeframe that works for you and in a manner that is least disruptive to your operations.

But we’re not stopping there. You will soon learn about our Next Generation Core Services offering, an end-to-end products and services solution that puts everything you need for your full-fledged Next Generation 9-1-1 system in one place. We’re doing the work and thinking for you, so you can implement all of the newest technology easier than ever before.

And we’re constantly making that technology better. For the VESTA™ Analytics solution alone, we have released multiple updates that will make it even easier, versatile and intuitive. All based on your valuable feedback, here are just a few of the improvements launched on June 3.

  • A near real-time interface so you can manage incidents as they happen now! This includes SMS conversations displayed within the Event Details Report (EDR).
  • More advanced reporting with the introduction of six new standard reports that will address transfer conference count, trunk line utilization, agent status and class of service report.
  • Multi-server deployment capabilities that gives larger sites the ability to deploy the VESTA Analytics solution in a multi-server environment.

These are just some of the new, improved and innovative solutions on their way to you. And for those of you attending NENA, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the excitement in our Innovation Theater, on the VESTA Speedway, Booth #602. Check out the schedule and let us show you what’s happening now, what’s coming and what’s possible.

In the meantime, there are great insights in this issue of CRITICAL MATTERS™ that highlight our efforts to make the transition to Next Generation easy for you. The story on Collier County, FL marks a turning point in Public Safety communications. And our Tech Corner article offers insights into why asking the right questions is so important to your text-to-9-1-1 deployment.

In closing, know that our goal always is to see our work and services through your eyes. What is critical to you matters to us.

So Rev Your Engines and Let’s Rally at NENA! I hope to see many of you there. Please make sure you stop by our booth. It will be the best Pit Stop you make at this year’s conference – guaranteed.