Emergency Notification: Have You Heard…?

If you’ve been relying on the same emergency notification system for some time now, you may have missed all that Airbus DS Communications can offer—whether you’re safeguarding a community or ensuring your business is resilient. There’s a lot to explore, including an all new product.

Our commitment to this critical component of our end-to-end communications portfolio remains strong, and we’re extremely proud of the ways the technology has kept our clients connected over its 30+ year history. There are countless competitors with bold claims but our technology is built on the needs and experiences of our customers.

Their feedback fuels our commitment to design with an open mind in order to meet their needs day-to-day and in the worst situations, from Hurricane Katrina to the Boston Marathon bombings. We offer flexibility in both our deployment options and in integrating with other valuable applications—all to deliver the exact solution our individual customers need to meet their unique situation.

Staying where you are—with your current system—is safe, but if you have yet to discover the power of our emergency notification offerings, or haven’t assessed your needs in recent years, it’s time.

Learn about VESTA™ Communicator solution for immediate group communications and team mobilizations. Or get introduced to our new and robust VESTA™ Alert solution for map-based mass notification.

It’s all in our latest brochure, download your copy here.