A Message from the CEO

Hi, everyone, and welcome to the first CRITICAL MATTERS® e-newsletter of 2016. This edition, like every edition we create, reminds us that the best part of this newsletter is having the opportunity to learn more about your operations, successes and challenges as we put your stories together.

Several weeks ago, I did an interview for our parent company’s newsletter and one of the points I made was how strongly I believe in the outside-in perspective and its ability to drive success at all levels.

What’s the ‘outside-in perspective’?

First, it’s knowing that your customer—in this case, you—comes first, and that is something we, as your provider and technology partner, must never forget. Too many companies become stuck because they get into the unfortunate habit of applying an ‘inside-out’ perspective. This means their decisions are driven by an internal view, not what the customer (you) expects or what it takes to compete. I firmly believe an outside-in approach to running a business raises one’s sense of urgency, fuels growth and elevates an organization.

When our actions, behaviors and words uniformly echo ‘outside in’, we truly have you front and center. To help you understand what I mean, note the following examples of our outside-in approach to your needs.

You have asked us to keep up with the evolution of Next Generation (NG) in order to help guide you along its path. In turn, we have launched VESTA™ Router and Next Generation Core Services (NGCS) offerings to satisfy your demands for in-region NG Call Routing. We are testing new, in-depth VESTA™ Analytics content and reporting to assist in the management of your PSAP operations. And, we are in the process of building key VESTA® 9-1-1 functionality that you’ve indicated matters most to you.

Together, we are on the path to creating smarter ways to keep all our communities safe, based on your valued feedback and like the stories in this newsletter affirm.

Know that, at the home of VESTA®, we are looking ahead for you, and we will always be working to demonstrate how much you mean to us and how important your success is to us.

In closing, I think our tagline sums it all up – What is CRITICAL to you MATTERS to us.