Meet the Team

Introducing Holly O’Hara and Todd Jackson, our dynamic duo of Inside Sales Representatives for our VESTA® Next Generation 9-1-1 and Emergency Notification solutions. Get to know them now, since they’ll be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to tell you all about the new programs and webinars for 9-1-1 and Notification. We promise that you’ll not only be impressed with what they have to say, but with the passion they have for serving your needs!

Holly O’Hara

Those that know Holly O’Hara know she’s determined. She’s determined to make sure that customers utilizing our 9-1-1 call handling systems have the technical support they need to protect their citizens and communities.

Holly, a five-year team member at Airbus DS Communications, is the Inside Sales Representative for 9-1-1 system support renewals. And even though she’s only been in this particular role for six months, she’s already receiving kudos from our channel partners for her diligence in ensuring our PSAPs have this critical service.

According to Holly, “When you have an emergency solution and you have an issue, you need an emergency plan. You need to be able to call someone for help in order to serve your community and keep everyone safe.” This is why, every day, Holly is reviewing reports and communicating with our channel partners. “I want to make sure our customers have the technical support they need to ensure their system functions as it should, because what is critical to them is what matters to us.”

The transition to her current role was a seamless one due to her background in sales and customer service, as well as her previous role in the company’s production department, where she was able to establish rapport with our channel partners and assist them in order management. Holly enjoys that she’s able to continue these relationships while she works to fulfill the mission of Airbus DS Communications provide mission critical communications solutions.

“What we do helps save lives, and that’s rewarding to me. If I can provide help and somebody benefits from it, that’s a reward in itself.”

Holly rewards herself in her off-time by spending time with her “desert family.” She explains, “We have off-road vehicles and take them into the desert or the mountains. Recently, we went to Mexico.” These excursions may include her fiancé, her 14 year-old daughter or even any of her great group of girlfriends, with whom she also likes visiting the nearby wineries for conversations and laughs.

It’s evident that Holly’s passion for life is as great as her passion for her work. And at Airbus DS Communications, we are appreciative of the determination she shares in ensuring that both our channel partners and customers have the support they need, when they need it. Thank you, Holly!

Todd Jackson

Although Todd Jackson is a newer addition to the Airbus DS Communications team, having joined us almost nine months ago, he’s already sold on the value of what the company offers its customers.

“The emergency notification systems we provide to public safety and corporate entities, as well as the Federal government, are important. They offer a sense of security in both emergencies and non-emergency situations; they have the potential to impact our customers’ lives and help them protect people. Knowing this adds a certain sense of gratification to my job.”

In his role as Inside Sales Representative, Todd speaks with potential clients about the benefits of emergency notification, and he educates current customers on services, new product versions and our latest offerings, like the VESTA™ Alert solution. Regarding the latter, he says, “I think it’s good for our customers to know that someone’s always available to help them. And while I may not have all the answers they need at the moment, I will get the answer and help them solve that need.”

Todd also works very closely with regional account managers for our Emergency Notification solutions, assisting them with various tasks, and says, “I get to be a part of a great team and work with some of the best people. They’re very helpful and experienced—some have decades of experience in emergency notification. I learn a lot from working with them, especially being new to this industry.”

While it’s obvious Todd enjoys working in Emergency Notification and with his team in our Tennessee office, he’s had several opportunities to collaborate with his peers who serve our 9-1-1 customers and has really enjoyed them, too. “I like learning about all different parts of the business, so it’s nice to be able to put my hands into other parts of the company as well.” He adds, “It’s also great to be affiliated with Airbus—a company that’s doing such huge things around the world.”

Though he likes the national and global reach of Airbus DS Communications, Todd is a Tennessean, born and raised, and attended Belmont University in his hometown of Nashville to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. When he’s not at work, you can find him with his wife, Brittany, and their Yorkshire Terrier, Hurley. And when they’re not spending time with Todd’s family, which includes four nieces and nephews, because “it’s fun being an uncle,” you can usually find him on a golf course.

At the end of the day, we’re just glad to know we can find Todd with us. His hard work, fast learning and passion for what we do has certainly made him a valuable addition to our team. We thank you, Todd!