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Here’s a quick snapshot of where you’ll find us covering Public Safety, Radio and Emergency Notification from Washington to the West coast to Las Vegas, the Midwest, to Nashville and Texas. What’s that tune? Just can’t wait to get on the road again

Where we’ve been and where you can find us in the coming months!

This annual NENA event, held last month, offers Public Safety professionals a unique opportunity to hear more about policy issues we’re facing, as well as to meet with our peers and leaders in our nation’s capital. The three-day program provided those of us in 9-1-1 the information and guidance to take action and shape our nation’s emergency communications policy agenda.

We were honored to have the opportunity to support this important event and always enjoy attending. We learn so much and appreciate the care and attention to detail the dedicated NENA staff provides.

Thank you, NENA, for another great 9-1-1 Goes to Washington event!

This year’s California NENA Annual Training Event was held right in our back yard, in San Diego, February 29 – March 3. Always a very fun event for us, we were proud to support it just as we’ve done for going on 20 years.

We have to say that one of this event’s highlights was the presentation from our very own Matt Florio, Regional Account Manager for CA and AZ. Matt provided a LIVE demonstration of our VESTA® 9-1-1/VESTA® SMS solution and kept the audience fully engaged by encouraging them to send text-to-9-1-1 messages to test the system. It was pretty exciting!

“When I gave out the number to send the texts to,” said Matt, “I received seven texts immediately, which showed up on the VESTA SMS console. It was a great, live demonstration of the power of our integrated VESTA SMS solution.”



Another Great Show!

The Western Regional APCO 2016 Conference, held in the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon, March 8 – 10, was another wonderful experience. We had the opportunity to visit with many of you who protect our citizens on the West Coast of our great nation.

To those of you, who stopped by our booth, thank you for spending some of your busy time with us. We hope you learned that what is critical to you, matters to us.

The annual IWCE conference, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 21 – 24, always brings together a diverse group of industry professionals from government/military, Public Safety, utility, transportation and business. The event has been happening since 1977, and we are honored to be a speaker again on the program. Below is the description of our presentation. If you are at IWCE, please join us. Antar is amazing!

Friday, March 25 11:15 am – 12:30 pm - F23
Public Safety Industry Track - Backhaul for Public Safety
Antar Salahuddin, Radio Network Engineer, Airbus DS Communications

Backhaul is critical to every communications network; network speed and reliability depends on it and will become even more critical with NG9-1-1. Radio systems depend on backhaul to move information from the core to sites. PSAPs rely on backhaul to communicate among dispatch equipment, with the radio system and with other PSAPs. Review backhaul options and opportunities for public safety in including leased telephone lines, fiber, microwave fallback, and radio over IP.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 4:15PM- 5:30PM - N255
Interference Mitigation and Management
James Noel, Engineering Manager, Airbus DS Communications

Interference can harm the performance of your communications system, and very often, you don’t find out it exists until it’s too late. Discovering the presence of interference after you or another party loses the ability to use the system can be avoided if the right tools and methods are used. Examine ways to find the interference before it affects your access and discuss the tools available for the task. Find and address interference before it finds you first.

Thursday, March 24, 2016 10:00AM-11:15AM - N257
Indoor Location Accuracy – Enhancing 9-1-1
Jeff Wittek, Chief Strategic Officer, Airbus DS Communications

Citizens calling from indoor multi-story, densely-populated areas are often unaware that their location cannot be identified. Recent advances in GPS technology and better understanding of cell signal have helped to improve indoor location accuracy. Small cell technology and smart data analysis may provide means to help responders find people indoors. Learn about technologies designed to better determine callers’ indoor locations and how existing and emerging systems can make the display of this location information more usable and more understandable.


This event joins three major organizations to provide Minnesota public safety professionals—from supervisors to PSAP staff—an exceptional training experience.

APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials)
MSA (Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association) and
NENA (National Emergency Number Association)

Look for us as a proud supporter of this important conference, and stop by our booth for a chat!

The joint TEXAS APCO/NENA conference, scheduled for April 3 – 6 on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, Texas, is a special event for us and one we’ve been proud to support for 20+ years. We’ll be wearing our boots and hats and ready to deliver a special ‘Hi Y’all’ just for you all!

And then, it’s June – WOW! This means we’ll be getting ready for the National NENA show in Indianapolis, June 11 – 16, so get ready to REV YOUR ENGINES!

Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Notification are critical elements to the notification industry for Public Safety, Federal and Corporate operations. Airbus DS Communications has been providing solutions to this market for over 30 years. April 18 - 20 we will be in Nashville, TN exhibiting at the 14th Annual Continuity Insights Management Conference. This conference is one of the industry’s leading events for business continuity professionals. The subject matter experts who are speaking plus the variety of presentation formats from formal presentations to seminars and forums – will ensure this is a great event. We are very excited to have the opportunity to attend connect with many of you.