Dare to Dream

What is today Airbus DS Communications, the home of VESTA®, started as our founders’ dream almost five decades ago. That dream has touched many lives and, more importantly, has helped save countless others in the process. Despite the changes that have taken place over the years, one constant remains - our commitment to you and knowing that to ensure our dream lives into the future we must earn your trust every day.

To honor all of the years so many of US have worked together, the theme of this edition of CRITICAL MATTERS® is our promise to Create Smarter Ways to Keep ALL OUR COMMUNITIES SAFE. What better way to reflect on our dream and how we continue to realize it today than through your successes described in these stories.

The video with Anita Pitt, 9-1-1 Program Manager at Brazos Valley Council of Governments (BVCOG), Texas, demonstrates our shared commitment to saving more lives. BVCOG was the first beta site for our VESTA® SMS solution and the first public safety agency in the nation to deliver a native text-to-9-1-1 message through call processing equipment (not a third-party texting or messaging application). How Anita embraced this initiative, taking the VESTA® SMS solution from the lab to a live environment, is inspiring. When you see the video, you’ll feel Anita’s excitement about BVCOG's VESTA® vision of one day of moving to Next Generation and their commitment to the communities they serve. Her advice for your team is invaluable.

The story regarding the state of Kansas breaking new ground in laying the foundation for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) is another example of daring to dream. The vision for the Kansas 9-1-1 Coordinating Council, as told by council chair Dick Heitschmidt, is to enhance public safety by developing a reliable statewide 9-1-1 system for its citizens and emergency services. This is exactly what they have done. Their dream has become a smarter way to keep their communities safe, and we are honored to be a part of the solution.

In the new "What You Need to Know NOW" section, you will read about the City of Lexington, KY, being selected by the Project P25 Technology Interest Group as the P25 System of the month. The city's vision was to create a smarter way to keep their citizens safe with an open, standards-compliant P25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system. Read the article and then click to view the associated case study in which you'll see for yourself what happens when we work together to achieve a mission. Lexington now has the interoperability they need to save more lives, and again, we are honored to be a part of their success.

Know that we're putting your successes and our dreams into the palms of all of our hands via our new VESTA app. Read more about it including how you can download it from Apple and Google stores. We’ve got the links right in the article so it’s easy and quick.

Finally, don't forget to read about the Field of Dreams. It depicts our journey with you and the result of daring to dream.

We are all learning together as we take the next steps into this new world of Public Safety communications. Our goal, as I have said many times, is to see it through your eyes because what we value most is what is critical to you. Though I think it will be evident when you read about our two "Meet the Team" members, you should know that we will continue to work every day to earn your trust and create smarter ways to keep all our communities safe.

We will always make it right. Thank you for keeping OUR dream going.