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Lexington KY Named ProjectP25 System of the Month

The Project P25 Technology Interest Group has named Lexington KY the P25 system of the month. Lexington implemented VESTA™ Radio last year in order to gain the benefits of an open, standards compliant LMR system including interoperability.

Robert Stack, Director of Enhanced 9-1-1 in Lexington, says, “Having everyone on the same system and the ability to communicate at the touch of a button is a major leap for public safety. Importantly, we were able to tailor the system to our needs.”

To link to the article on the Project 25 Technology website Click Here.

For more information on the Lexington VESTA Radio System, Click Here to download the short case study.

NASNA White Paper on Funding Models

The National Association of State 9-1-1 Directors (NASNA) have published a white paper titled “Four Potential Sustainable Funding Models for NG9-1-1”. You can download it here.

Funding, according to many in Public Safety, is the number one challenge facing 9-1-1 which is why we want to make sure you are aware of this important document.

The white paper examines the following models with pros and cons for each one.

1. Current funding model which has been modified and expanded and would:

  • Modify the current funding model to include the addition of prepaid
  • Expand the current funding model to assess the fee on Internet access

2. Sales Tax Model

  • This model would implement a sales tax specifically for 9-1-1

3. Insurance Model

  • This model would attach a fee to health insurance plans

4. State Universal Service Fund (USF) Model

  • This model would fund 9-1-1 through subscriber-based fees on gross receipts of wireline and wireless retail telecommunications services

9 Steps to NG9-1-1 - Clear the Fog and Check Your Progress

A question on many of our minds is - how long will it take to get to NG9-1-1? You ask 10 people, you will probably get 10 different answers. But our response, based on the hundreds of PSAPs we work with every day is that it will take time – likely 3 – 5 years.

Over the last several months we presented a three-part webinar series that lays out the steps to NG9-1-1 in a logical and pragmatic way. Think of the 9 Steps to NG9-1-1 as occurring over 3 years –

  • Year 1 – Covered in Part 1 – Building My Base
  • Year 2 – Covered in Part 2 – Increasing My Routing and Communications
  • Year 3 – Covered in Part 3– Moving to GIS

Based on your feedback, we created a checklist from each session that is an easy tool you can use to ‘check’ your progress and where you are in each of the 9 steps. To download the checklist Click Here. For more information, visit the 9 Steps to NG9-1-1 Resource Page.

If you would like to listen to the recordings of the three sessions, email VESTAMarketing@airbus-dscomm.com and we will make sure you get them.

We appreciate all the feedback we received from so many of you and at your request - we are planning more session like this series.

For questions or more information, email us - VESTAMarketing@airbus-dscomm.com We’d love to hear from you.