Meet the Team

Introducing two team members who embody the commitment we have to Creating Smarter Ways To KEEP ALL OUR COMMUNITIES SAFE.

Meet Mark Reeves and Brandon Hoquist.

Mark Reeves

Where the "rubber meets the road" is where you'll find Mark Reeves. As the Senior System Implementation Engineer for our P25 VESTA™ Radio solution, Mark and his team take a VESTA Radio system design, review it to ensure all of the parts and pieces will work as intended and then bring it to life. Mark understands the critical importance of his job, and says that it "has to be done to perfection." To achieve that, he works with all the Airbus DS Communication departments that have a hand in design and he spends hours testing to make sure each VESTA Radio system is "going to work the way our customers want it."

A seven-year team member, Mark's devotion to his job, our company and our customers may be a result of the Marine in him. (After all, the motto of the Marine Corps, Semper Fidelis, means to be "always faithful.") Mark attributes his skills to the "very involved and very thorough" education he received as a ground radio air technician in the Marine Corps, where they taught him to "take a complex problem, cut it in half and systematically and quickly troubleshoot."

The Marine Corps also instilled in Mark a true appreciation for public safety. “Our customers are so important to any community – the police, the firemen, all the people who put themselves in harm's way to make the streets safe. It's important to give them a product they can be proud of." Mark added, "With technology, there will always be hiccups, but with knowledge and commitment, you can overcome anything. I get satisfaction in quickly and effectively giving our public safety personnel a solution they can be happy with, in order to help mitigate the danger they face in protecting the general populace."

When Mark's not giving his all to ensuring our customers have smart, sound solutions that keep their communities safe, he's giving his all to his family, which includes two daughters, ages 3 and 7, as well as a three-month-old son. It's no surprise that Mark is very hands-on at home, too, helping get them to and from activities like soccer and volleyball and with homework. His kids are his free time, and he finds enjoyment in simply hearing from them about their days.

We have to say we're pretty fortunate to know such a devoted dad and to have such a focused team member. Thanks, Mark, for all you contribute to our customers' success. Your hard work is much appreciated!

Brandon Hoquist

In 2005, when Brandon Hoquist was just a few months into his Airbus DS Communications career, he made his first visit to a 9-1-1 call center where a call taker invited him to listen in on calls. Regarding that day, Brandon remarked, "People hear 9-1-1 recordings on news segments and YouTube™, but being there beside the call taker and observing calls being processed first-hand was an intriguing moment that I will never forget. You don’t know what’s going to happen nor do you have a fast-forward button to skip to the end or bypass content that is often censored. This experience resonated with me and emphasized the importance of being in the public safety industry."

Throughout his 10+ years with the company, this experience and countless others since have driven him to expand his expertise and skills, which have been applied in various capacities, from his early days in technical services to product line management to sales. Today, Brandon holds the critical role of competitive intelligence analyst, exploring Next Generation 9-1-1 market trends and acting as yet another champion for our customers and channel partners.

Brandon enjoys this position as it allows him to "interface with many different teams internally and externally" in order to gain direct insight. This is important to him because "the people" are what make all the difference between this job and another, and he's noticed one critical thing about our company in the process. "We take great pride in our work and keep in mind our customers and citizens, which include our families, friends, colleagues and ourselves, all of whom rely on the integrity of our solutions. Two questions that often surface are ‘What if I was the customer?’ and ‘What if I was the citizen calling 9-1-1?’ Our people and our values are all the difference. We care."

Like that first trip to a 9-1-1 call center, Brandon also continues to be wow'ed by the people on the front lines – our call takers. One such memorable experience was at Liberty County 9-1-1, Florida, where he met Junior Lolley, a dispatcher with more than 30 years on the job. Junior is blind and successfully processes over 300 emergency and administrative calls per day. This ability to overcome obstacles and serve his community earned Junior our 'Dispatcher of the Month' award in 2012, which was announced in various publications. Brandon, who remarked on Junior’s capabilities in the write-up, printed the article to serve as a memento and reminder of why he and his teammates work so hard.

"In my office is a copy of this article and a 2007 quote by former FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps. It reads, 'A call to 9-1-1 is among the most important calls that any of us will ever make.' Copps said it perfectly, and I believe this is why many of us are here, supporting this industry."

When Brandon's not fulfilling his passion for public safety, he's fulfilling his passions for L.A. Galaxy soccer and commercial aircraft. He also travels internationally as much as possible to learn about other cultures, and just last month took a three-week trip to Japan. Though he "likes to get away as much as he can," Brandon is a Southern California resident, born and raised, who will never leave home for good. For that, we are grateful, because he contributes so much to our company culture and to the experience of our customers. Thank you, Brandon, for your enduring passion and commitment and for all of your achievements!