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If you haven’t downloaded the home of VESTA app, yet – please do. Why? Because it’s all about you! Wherever you go, you will always have the latest accounts of the critical work you and your peers do in creating smarter ways to keep ALL OUR COMMUNITIES SAFE.

Here is a glimpse of what awaits you.

  • home of VESTA® story: Stay current on the thoughts and perspective from CEO Bob Freinberg, a long standing member of the Public Safety community. Bob looks at the successes, challenges and issues Public Safety faces through your eyes.
  • Our Solutions: Current information on the VESTA® product suite – sharing with you the key features of each solution. This section is like having your own up-to-date guide book on the VESTA solutions.
  • What You Need to Know Now: Education is critical in keeping current on the changing landscape of Public Safety communications whether NG9-1-1, LMR or Notification. This section offers you a fresh perspective on what is important to know now as you address your Public Safety needs. You can sign up for webinars or listen to the audio interviews with PSAPs sharing their lessons learned. You will always find something valuable in this section that you can use and share with your team.
  • Training: You have full access to our complete and current training classes available in Temecula and Chicago. Sign up for classes and ensure your team has the knowledge they need to be successful.
  • Case Studies: Short, powerful videos from the PSAP community sharing their stories about what is important to them and why. Another great way to gain new information from your peers.
  • Contact Us: We want your feedback on how to improve the home of VESTA app. If there are features you’d like to see in future releases, please let us know. What is critical to you matters to us. Your CRITICAL MATTERS.

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