Field of Dreams - A Big Thank You from Your Home Team

At this year's NENA and APCO conferences, Airbus DS Communications took everyone out to the ballpark. Our booth was set up as a baseball field, and our theme was "We’ve got your bases covered!" One of the first things visitors noticed was our sign, also known as the VESTA® ballpark scoreboard, which read "Field of Dreams."

This scoreboard shows how WE - ALL of us together - have scored over the years, and the stats are pretty fantastic. What they tell us is that the home of VESTA has grown from 500 PSAPs in the 1970s to over 3,500 today, including our customers who rely on our VESTA solutions for 9-1-1, Land Mobile Radio and Emergency Notification. Many of you who've been with us since those early days commented on the scoreboard, indicating it was a good way to show the progress WE have made.

The "Field of Dreams" represents OUR vision, hopes and goals for continuing to meet YOUR critical needs and keeping our communities safe, and one thing is for certain... it would not be what it is without your trust, patience and confidence.

Please know how important you are to us and how we work every day to continue to keep your trust. We are grateful for your support and assure you that we plan to keep your bases covered for many years to come.

Our promise to you –

  • To keep people connected WHEN IT MATTER MOST.
  • To design with an OPEN MIND.
  • To create smarter ways to KEEP ALL OUR COMMUNITIES SAFE.

What is critical to you matters to us. As always, thank you.