A Message from the CEO

Dear Customers, Channel Partners, Colleagues,

“Keeping people connected WHEN IT MATTERS MOST.”

Many of you have heard me say this (probably several times) or seen it on our website and materials. It is one of the promises we make to you and what we strive to deliver on every day.

Right now, Public Safety is at an exciting and challenging crossroads. A new path is opening up that requires new technology, which in turn requires education, new infrastructure, new processes and a new funding model. There are many companies who want your business but we believe there are very few who know how to make the challenging journey with you and build lasting trust.

In fact, we hear from our customers so often about how important that trust and partnership is to the success of the system, we put together a little video about it, which we’re debuting right here:

As you read our stories—the ones we have created together—in this edition of the CRITICAL MATTERS newsletter, two ideas are clear.

One, each story demonstrates how we work with you to keep people connected when it matters most and, two, what the job of a true technology partner is.

I want to call out in particular these stories: Lessons Learned from Allentown, PA and Orange County VA and 3 9-1-1 Directors and the New Funding Era and The Night the Power Went Out. The reason is because these are stories directly from you and we want your stories. Let everyone learn from your great work. To share your story, contact Flynn, flynn.nogueira@airbus-dscomm.com

Let’s take the new path for public safety together.

Bob Freinberg