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The home of VESTA® helps people do headline-worthy work every day. Here are a couple of stories of our own.

Mission Critical
“Heck Focuses on Interoperability with P25 Network”

“I hope that whoever purchases Airbus will maintain the same customer care model. I am astounded at how their customer care representative calls every week or so just to make sure we are not having problems. They are very responsive to our needs—it’s just an amazing relationship. Airbus DS Communications is a true partner with [Downriver Mutual Aid services].

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IWCE’s Urgent Communications
“Denco Area 911 District in Texas recognized for transition to all-IP architecture”

“What’s unique about our project is that we’re the first in Texas to route a 911 call all the way through the network—including an IP selective router—to a PSAP [public-safety answering point],” Denco Area 911 District Executive Director Mark Payne said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications.

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