Lessons Learned from Allentown PA and Orange County VA

A small rural agency and an agency serving a large municipality operate in drastically different environments—but when it comes to implementing new technology, the lessons learned are strikingly similar.

Mike Hilbert and Nicki Tidy have both migrated from VESTA® Pallas™ to VESTA® 9-1-1 and their lessons learned speak to every PSAP, small or large. Mike oversees 9-1-1 services for Allentown, Pennsylvania (population 118,000) and Nicki directs 9-1-1 services for Orange County, Virginia (population 34,689).

We recorded the webcast with Mike and Nicki on May 7. Many of you joined us and posed such important questions. What stands out in this webcast is the frankness, openness and sincerity with which Mike and Nicki answered those questions.

We believe their words of wisdom will help enlighten your path to NG9-1-1, whether you are just starting or are down the road. Take a moment! A mere 49 minutes can provide you new insight into what it means to be NG9-1-1 ready.

This is education you don’t want to miss. As Mike said, “Know where you want to go at the end of the day.”

Click here to listen.

Use This Information to Help You

Bottom line - here are some ways you can use the valuable information Nicki and Mike have offered.

  • Share the recording with people who need to get to get on the same page with you and you with them. Make this information the vehicle to create a common frame of reference so you have a foundation to start your planning.
  • Take the next step to planning. Download our NG9-1-1 Checklist and share it with your team and neighboring PSAPs. As Nicki and Mike discuss, communication, relationship and planning are key. The Checklist gives you an excellent starting point for communication.
  • Make it real. Create a team; choose a single point of contact; create a timeline.

Remember, you can contact live resources at any time. We are here or get in touch with Nicki and Mike. Email us at marketing@airbus-dscomm.com and we will put you in touch with them.

And last, but certainly not least, for more information on NG9-1-1, including funding resources, visit our Resource Center