Meet The Team

The three individuals we introduce you to in this issue of CRITICAL MATTERS take very seriously our promises to you—particularly, “Keeping People Connected WHEN IT MATTERS MOST.”

We invite you to learn more about them and how they keep this promise in what they do every day.

Krista Dowler

Krista Dowler, who has been with Airbus DS Communications for 14 years, says she sees herself as the interpreter—the link between customers and the internal teams.

“I listen to customers to understand what they need and take that back to our internal team so they build the product based on customer feedback," said Krista. “I love going on site and being with our customers as they are using our products. I always learn something new that we can do better. Hearing from customers what works and what doesn’t is essential and I take this part of my job very seriously.”

Born in Nova Scotia and working in our Gatineau, Canada office, Krista has always worked in Product Line Management (PLM). Today, she manages our Next Generation 9-1-1 solutions, including the soon to be released VESTA® SMS (Text to 9-1-1) solution. In addition, Krista manages the legacy VESTA® and Sentinel® products.

“I am very excited about our VESTA SMS product. Integrating text to 9-1-1 functionality into our VESTA® 9-1-1 solution means the call taker doesn’t have to handle a voice call differently from a text call. Call takers are using shared assets and looking at the same application for voice and text calls which will save them time and reduce the chance of error and they won’t have to switch gears and go to another application to take text calls,” said Krista.

And what does Krista do for fun, outside of PLM? Well, she has a lot going on taking care of her four and five-year-old boys. And when the family isn’t camping near the St. Lawrence River, which they really enjoy, she is investing time in her next passion—riding her horse Ellie.

“Riding horses has been my passion since I was a child. When it comes to horses, I am still an obsessed 11-year-old girl.” Ellie, by the way, is an ex race horse!

Coty Cooper

You know the saying, "he never meet a stranger?" Well, that fits Coty Cooper to a T.

Coty is the Regional Account Manager for VESTA™ Radio. He has been in public safety since he graduated college 15 years ago—and for him there isn't another path.

“What I know and love is public safety,” said Coty.

Coty covers 17 states taking care of VESTA Radio customers from Texas to Michigan to Montana, and just about all points in between. He says the fun part of his job is the travel and being at the customer site.

“I love being with customers and building relationships with them,” said Coty. “I feel privileged to be the customer’s advocate and I am passionate about helping them find the right technical path.”

When Coty isn't traveling and taking care of customers, he loves spending as much time as possible with his wife and one-year-old son and doing just about anything outdoors.

Added Coty, “I grew up hunting and fishing and biking and rooting for my Chicago sports teams—the Blackhawks, the Bulls and the Cubs.” So no secret where Coty grew up!

Matt Florio

Matt Florio has been at the home of VESTA® for 11 years, starting his career here as a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Sales Engineer. Several of the agencies Matt supports today have been his customers since the start, which says a lot about who Matt is.

“What I like about working in Public Safety is that the sales environment is a personal relationship industry. We’re not selling widgets. We are providing a worthwhile solution to better our communities and make a difference,” said Matt.

“I am very fortunate to work on a team that is dedicated and committed to the same values I have. When you can find that, it’s everything and it keeps you engaged and motivated every day.”

Matt covers the states of Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and the California counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. He says the best part of his job is getting to travel and meet people from all over the U.S. and provide them a solution that meets their needs.

For fun, Matt is an outdoor and indoor person. He is an avid softball player, teaches kick boxing, loves to work out at the gym and, of course, with his love for geography, enjoys traveling.