Meet The Team

Meet Mark, Liezl and Chuck - three members of our team at the home of VESTA who help keep your communities safe when it matters most.

Mark Stacey

For the last 32 years, Mark Stacey has been in public service, including 15 years with the Department of Defense and 17 years with Airbus DS Communications and Public Safety. Bottom line - he knows his stuff.

Mark is the Director of Technical Services at Airbus DS Communications and plays a critical role in supporting our Channel Partners and the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) that use our solutions. Once a 9-1-1, Notification or Land Mobile Radio site goes live, Mark and his team take the helm to maintain and monitor the sites and provide the support needed.

“I am very proud of our team and the work we do,” says Mark. “We have a passion for wanting to do the right thing. Our mission is to ensure our Channel Partners and direct end user customers have the knowledge needed to successfully support their customers and the people they serve.”

Mark is responsible for three different groups in technical services: Managed Services, which provides our customers proactive monitoring on their VESTA® 9-1-1 and VESTA™ Radio systems, Tier 2 and Tier 3 technical support, and the management of customer escalations between the services, development and or Product Management teams.

“In my many years in Public Safety, I have seen quite a few changes in technology. But the changes we are seeing today are probably the most dramatic. We are all experiencing a major transition in technology from the old to the new. Naturally, this transition comes with challenges, but my team loves those challenges. This is good stuff.

As an example, Mark talks about the advancement in remote monitoring. “For customers who have our Managed Services product, we can actually log in remotely to their VESTA® system, see what a call taker would see and look at the activity from an IT perspective to understand what’s going on. This gives us the opportunity to truly understand the health of the system 24/7.”

Mark says the philosophy he and team live by is that, “It’s not about us; it’s all about the call taker. It’s about being able to process and dispatch a call, and that is front and center in everything we do.”

“Every time I sit in front of a customer, my goal is always to relay the message that we are here to help with whatever challenge comes along, not to be a roadblock. The trust we have with our Channel Partners and end user customers is critical. We are all here for the same reason, and that is to help save more lives.”

Liezl Van Zyl

Liezl Wakeling, Director of Finance at Airbus DS Communications, says that in her line of work, trust is big. She explains. “You expect to be able to trust your pastor, your doctor and your accountant. You have to know that you can rely on the information they give you.” And that’s exactly what it likes working with Liezl. You can rely on the information she shares with you.

Liezl has been at Airbus DS Communications for 5 years. She was born in Cape Town, South Africa, made her way to England at the age of 24 and then Los Angeles where she earned her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.

What Liezl likes best about working at the home of VESTA is the diversity of the different departments. “Finance gets to work with all the departments—Manufacturing, Sales, Operations, Research and Development. I get to touch every group, and I like that.”

Liezl also says that the commitment and care people at Airbus DS Communications demonstrate sets the company apart from others she has worked with. “I have never seen a group that works so hard to please their customers, even at the expense of the company. We always put the customer first.”

And when Liezl isn't working with numbers, she enjoys dirt bike riding with her husband and friends and camping in the desert with her family. “We have two boys: a one- and a three-year-old. It’s fun and it’s a challenge.”

Thank you Liezl for all you do for us!

Chuck Foster

Chuck is one of those individuals you know you can rely on – especially when it comes to keeping people connected when it matters most.

A San Diego, California native, Chuck is the Technical Support Analyst Team Lead for Airbus DS Communications. In his position, he provides leadership and direction for the technical support team—including training and mentoring. His patience and dedication come through in all of his interactions with the team, Channel Partners and customers.

Chuck has been with Airbus DS Communications for 10 years and knows how critical the area of technical support is for customers and the company. “I’m proud to work in tech support. Whether it’s a small tweak or a larger issue, we play a direct role in helping to save lives.”

For Chuck, solving puzzles and overcoming technical challenges, no matter how complex, is something he really enjoys. But the very best moments on the job are when he can be with customers to understand their usage scenarios—what they do, what they want to do—and help them see how the VESTA® 9-1-1 solution can meet their needs.

Like any industry, customers interact with the technical support team, for the most part, when there is a problem or an issue. But Chuck and the team recognize this is one of the most important times to communicate and work with customers. Chuck always says, “No matter what it takes, we will make it right—or make it better.”

When Chuck isn't solving technical problems, he enjoys hiking and playing video games with his two kids.

We say thank you to Chuck and the entire technical support team. They are vital in the work we do with all of you in keeping our communities safe.