Events Around the Country

Here are just some of the events taking place around the country that we are excited about and want to share with you.

CALNENA 2015 Mission Critical Training Event
February 9 – 12, San Diego, CA

As a California native and Event Premier Partner, Airbus DS Communications looks forward to CALNENA because we get to see so many customers, Channel Partners and new faces. Several Airbus DS Communications team members will be on-site to discuss our home of VESTA product suite.

While creating your agenda, make sure you don't miss:

Lights! Camera! NG9-1-1!
Wed 2/11 @ 1400-1515 Mariner Pt Room
Wed 2/11 @ 1700-1815 Palm 2 Room
Presenter: Diana Gijselaers

Myths & Misunderstanding of NG9-1-1
Wed 2/11 1400-1515 Crowne Pt Room
Thurs 2/12 1100-1215 Mission 1
Presenter: Brandon Hoquist and Jess Danner

Please make plans to stop by our table whether to discuss your communications needs or to simply say hi. While you're there, be sure to play our fun game for your chance to win prizes! Or if you would like to schedule a demo;

Downriver Community Conference and Downriver Mutual Aid Celebrate New VESTA™ Radio P25 Network

State, county, and local government officials, fire, police, and other public safety personnel, as well as citizens from throughout southeastern Michigan will gather on February 5th at the Downriver Community Conference (DCC) headquarters in Southgate, MI as DCC and Downriver Mutual Aid (DMA) celebrate the new VESTA™ Radio P25 solution from Airbus DS Communications.

DCC was formed in 1977 as a regional partnership and a common voice for 20 communities located in the southern Wayne County area of metropolitan Detroit. The DMA 9-1-1 District is a consortium of 16 communities administered by DCC and established to enhance the separate operations of the communities through mutual police, fire, auto theft, and narcotics divisions.

The new VESTA Radio solution is a 16 channel, 4-site 800 MHz simulcast P25 network providing mission critical communications for 2,000 police, fire and emergency rescue responders who are protecting over 26,000 residents. The geo-redundant solution also includes AVTEC consoles and Motorola APX radios.

Downriver has been using the Airbus DS Communications Sentinel® Patriot® 9-1-1 call taking system since 2010.

9-1-1 Goes to Washington
February 22 – 25

Keeping current about the changes in federal legislation that will affect how we plan and implement Next Generation 9-1-1 is critical. 9-1-1 Goes to Washington, the annual event organized by NENA (National Emergency Number Association), does just that and more. This important event brings together hundreds of 9-1-1 professionals from all over the country to learn about current and proposed policy, regulatory and legislative changes and challenges and provides the opportunity to dialog with public officials in our nation's capital about your concerns and intentions.

Flynn Nogueira, our Director of Marketing and Jeff Wittek, our Chief Strategy Officer will be there. If you plan to attend, please look for Flynn and Jeff. They’d appreciate hearing from you. For more information on the agenda, the justification letter to use for attending, go to the NENA site or email Flynn or Jeff.

FCC Announces Membership of the Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture

Jeff Wittek, Airbus DS Communications Chief Strategy Officer has been appointed as one of the members to the Federal Communications Commission Task Force on Optimal Public Safety Answering Point Architecture (TFOPA).

The Task Force is directed to study and report findings and recommendations on PSAP structure and architecture in order to determine whether additional consolidation of PSAP infrastructure and architecture improvements would promote greater efficiency of operations, safety of life, and cost containment, while retaining needed integration with local first responder dispatch and support.

The task force represents a mix of viewpoints from state, tribal and/or local government agencies and organizations; Federal government agencies; communications service providers and organizations representing them; 911/NG911 system service providers; public interest organizations; and other experts.

NG 9-1-1 - Are You Ready!

Being NG9-1-1 ready is no longer an IF, it’s a WHEN.

Join us on March 3 at 1:00 PM CST for a conversation with several PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) who will share with you why they decided to migrate from their existing system to VESTA® 9-1-1, what it means for their centers and call takers. We’ll explore the impact funding trends had to do with their decision and why they would encourage other PSAPs to take the steps now to be NG9-1-1 ready. For more information and to have us save you a seat for the podcast, Click Here