Lights, Camera, Action!

Think Thanksgiving Skit but substitute the turkey, the pilgrims, etc. for the i3 elements that have a part in Next Generation (NG) Call flow, i.e., ESInet, ESRP, LVF, LIS, BCF, ECRF and more. That’s exactly what attendees at the New York State (NYS) Coordinators and NYS National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Chapter Conference saw at their meeting in the fall – a live NG9-1-1 Call Flow Skit to help everyone better understand the functions and roles GIS and the i3 elements play in next generation. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Airbus DS Communications is proud of its employees who actively participate as NENA members, and in this case Mike Tersmette stepped up in his role as a NYS NENA Executive Board member to provide a skit on a Next Generation 9-1-1 Call Flow. Mike coordinated the skit and asked nine conference attendees to play the starring roles. Mike took care of the props which included the signs with the acronyms (ESRP, etc), the next generation cell phones, giant fingers, fishing net, which represents the Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet), a NYS map and other important items.

As for the outcome – response to the presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Participants got to witness, live and in person, how GIS data is provisioned and validated to the NG9-1-1 network.

The stars in the NG9-1-1 Call Flow Skit, along with their role, were:

  • John Merklinger, Monroe County (ESRP)
  • Sandy Smith, Yates County (PRF)
  • Randy Ormerod, Greene County (ESInet)
  • Kelly Donoghue, Clinton County (ECRF)
  • Cheryl Benjamin, NYS ITS (LIS)
  • Michelle Kerr, Erie County (played the 911 caller)
  • Mark Balistreri, Rensellaer County (played the Fireman/First Responder with MDT)
  • John Mecca, NYS Thruway (BCF/SBC)
  • Gail Sovie, Jefferson County (the PSAP)
  • And a special thanks to Allen Turner, Orleans County for taking the pictures.

For more information on how you can stage your NG 9-1-1 Call Flow Skit, just email us and we’ll help you get started. Don’t miss the experience to see NG9-11 and GIS in a new way and have fun learning about this important next step.