Meet the Team

We want you to get to know us better. So, in every issue of our CRITICAL MATTERS™ newsletter, we profile one or more members of the Cassidian Communications team. In this issue, meet John Szpak and Mag’e Hernandez.

John Szpak, Director of Engineering, Land Mobile Radio
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In keeping with the theme of this issue of our e-newsletter, we thought who better to introduce you to than John Szpak, the director of engineering for our Land Mobile Radio (LMR) business unit. After all, he and his team really do create smarter ways to keep all our communities safe each and every day.

John’s team is responsible for the overall system architecture and detailed designs for all our LMR customer systems. Creating these solutions, as John well knows, involves the collaborative effort of several different teams, including his own, as well as the customers and Cassidian Communications’ technology partners.

“I really enjoy the creative aspect,” says John. “It’s fun to come up with unique solutions that meet what the customer needs.”

John especially likes that every customer has a unique element they bring to the table. There’s no cookie cutter solution, so each system is designed to meet that customer’s unique situation. “Our job is to accurately capture the customer requirements and reflect that in our solutions so the customer gets what they must have to be successful,” says John. “Yes, there are challenges along the way and that’s also part of the creative process – why we’re always looking for smarter ways, smarter solutions to meet the needs of our customers.”

John, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami and a Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, came to Cassidian Communications three years ago after a very impressive career at Motorola and EF Johnson. At EF Johnson, he built the R&D organization from the ground up, including the engineering of the P25 LMR product line. He says his move to Cassidian Communications was good decision for both him and his family.

“I believe in our LMR product and think it’s a great model to offer the industry and our customers,” John says. “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.” And his feelings are continually reinforced by positive customer feedback. “Anyone who has heard about or seen our LMR system always says, ‘Wow, there really is a better way and Cassidian Communications is doing it,’ and that makes me feel really good about what we do.”

John also says he appreciates the respect Cassidian Communications has for a balanced work environment. “We work hard but at the same time, the company respects our need to spend time with our families. That’s very important to me.”

The father of two children, John stays very busy outside the office as well. For the past nine years, he has coached his 12-year-old son’s soccer team. He also volunteers at his church as a children’s youth director.

Demonstrating passion, commitment and integrity in all that he does, John is a tremendous asset to the Cassidian Communications family as well.

Mag’e Hernandez, Partner Program Manager
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Mag’e Hernandez, Cassidian Communications’ partner program manager, recently celebrated her eight-year anniversary with the company. Mag’e’s commitment to her work and our organization has remained constant over the years, and can easily be summed up in just two simple words – saving lives.

“Being part of a military family, it’s such an honor to work for a company that has a direct connection in helping protect so many people,” says Mag’e. “When I think about the dedication of my husband and now my son, who is on active duty, I feel like I am also contributing, though somewhat indirectly, to everyone’s safety. I say with pride that here, at Cassidian Communications, critical really does matter and I truly love being part of the bigger picture.”

As a partner program manager, Mag’e designs and implements the training and promotion programs for the many channel partners who sell our NG9-1-1 call taking and associated products and services to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). What she likes best about her job is the collaboration with peers, both inside and outside the company.

“I really enjoy communicating with our partners and coming up with new ideas and new ways to make it easier for them to do business with us. With the public safety industry now moving so quickly, it is very important to continually look at ways to share information with our partners to help them be more successful. I also really like the fact that my department touches every facet of the business and the teamwork is awesome.”

Before joining the Partner Program, Mag’e served as our marketing communications manager. Prior to coming on board with the company, she worked in the biotechnology field for five years. In all, Mag’e has over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and channel marketing – no small accomplishment!

In her spare time, Mag’e loves being with her family and cheering her kids on in all of their sports activities. On and off the playing field, she demonstrates a wonderful, positive attitude and is a true inspiration to others.

Thank you, Mag’e, for all that you do to support Cassidian Communications and the many communities we serve.